Colin Kaepernick Sends Feelers to the Jets after Rodgers’ Injury

Colin Kaepernick Sends Feelers to the Jets after Rodgers' Injury

Zach Wilson temporarily replaces Aaron Rodgers as the New York Jets quarterback. According to the team, it is evaluating its options after an Achilles injury ended Rodgers’ season. One option they can choose is Colin Kaepernick.

Sports news outlets reported that Rodgers suffered the injury after getting sacked in the first quarter against the Buffalo Bills. MRI reports showed the four-time MVP tore an Achilles tendon. Although the Jets won against the Bills in overtime with Wilson in the QB spot, it is still unclear if the team will stick with him throughout the season.

The organization may acquire a quarterback through free agency or a trade. The free agency quarterback Colin Kaepernick will make himself available to the Jets if they decide to go the path of an experienced quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick Wants to Play for the Jets

Colin Kaepernick Sends Feelers to the Jets after Rodgers' InjuryOther betting tutorials and news outlets have reported that after Rodgers’ injury, Kaepernick’s representative contacted the Jets to indicate his client’s desire to return to the NFL.

The 35-year-old former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers has not played in the NFL since 2016.

Kaepernick’s return to football was on the verge of happening in 2019 when the league arranged a private session for him at the Atlanta Falcons’ facility. The exercise was effectively canceled when Kaepernick switched locations at the eleventh hour.

Kaepernick had a workout at a high school roughly 44 miles from the Falcons’ headquarters, but the NFL categorized him as a no-show.

The league said that 25 clubs dispatched personnel to the Falcons’ training facilities and that all 32 teams would have gotten video footage of the session had it occurred as scheduled. Representatives from seven different NFL organizations were at Kaepernick’s alternate presentation.

Kaepernick shared a video on social media earlier this year where he can be seen passing to NFL receivers, including Dallas Cowboys wideout CeeDee Lamb.

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