G2 eSports Released NA Challengers Valorant Roster

G2 eSports Released NA Challengers Valorant Roster

G2 eSports announced that it released its NA Challengers Valorant roster and staff. The organization entered the Tier 2 Valorant League in December. Also, its roster featured former players from Sentinels, Michael Gulino and Shahzeb Khan.

G2 eSports failed to qualify for the VCT Americas. According to eSports betting market experts, G2 applied for a spot in the Tier 1 League. However, Riot Games rejected the application after a controversy involving its then-chief executive officer Carlos Santiago and Andrew Tate.

Unlike other organizations who had to qualify for the Challengers League via open qualifiers, Riot gave G2 a slot in the Tier 2 League. In addition, Shopify Rebellion, The Guard, and FaZe Clan got in through the same process.

G2 eSports NA Challengers Valorant Roster

G2 eSports Released NA Challengers Valorant RosterG2 jumped out to a fast start in the North American Challengers, finishing first in its group with a 4-1 record in the first split. After that, it finished second in the Mid-Season Face Off. According to people who bet on eSports, the team could not repeat its first split’s success, however, and finished the second split with a record of 0-5 in the group stage.

G2 still made it into the North American Challengers Playoffs because of their point total, but they did not do well enough to go to the Americas Ascension competition. The team’s season was over at that point because they had no chance of qualifying for VCT Americas.

Except for ShahZaM, the organization stated on June 7 that all the players and staff members were leaving. According to the latest eSports news, G2 noted in responses to its first statement that the IGL is now a content producer while he is still affiliated with the company.

Since no major third-party competitions are currently taking place or have been announced, G2 now has nothing to fight for. G2 Esports finished high enough in the Challengers League standings this season to secure a playoff slot and a return to the league in 2024.

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