Top NFL Rookie Performances in Week 6

Top NFL Rookie Performances in Week 6

Quarterback rookies’ performances have been inconsistent this season. They had lackluster performances in recent games. As a result, new names are on the list of top NFL rookie performances during Week 6.

Top NFL Rookie Performances on Offense

Top NFL Rookie Performances in Week 6Raiders Tight End Michael Mayer

People who bet on NFL football saw how Mayer ended with five catches for 75 yards in Sunday’s victory over the Patriots. He did an excellent job of finding and occupying holes in zone defense. The skilled receiver caught the throw and immediately started moving up the field. His impact was seen in more than just the passing game, though. The Notre Dame graduate also excelled at the run game, as he could engage and sustain blocks effectively.

Bills Offensive Guard O’Cyrus Torrence

American football betting experts report Torrence gave up two pressures in Sunday’s victory over the Giants. Torrence stands out from the other rookie offensive lineman because he plays with a cool head and a steady demeanor. It is hard to find a situation where he does not appear to be in command. According to reports, 44 players were undefeated in Week 6, and Torrence was one of them.

Top Rookie Performances on Defense

Seahawks Cornerback Devon Witherspoon

Witherspoon’s collegiate highlights from Illinois were on full display on Sunday against Cincinnati. He epitomizes a player who trusts his judgment and plays with conviction. The first-round selection can do everything from carrying a route downfield to breaking up a play in the flat with a flash downfield. Witherspoon is already a top player in his position in the NFL.

Texans EDGE Will Anderson Jr

There was a heavyweight battle every time Anderson lined up over right tackle Ryan Ramczyk, which was most of the time. Anderson occasionally got on Ramczyk’s hip and bent the edge. However, he could not get through the veteran’s defenses. The other four came from pressures over left tackle Trevor Penning or Ramczyk’s late replacement, Cesar Ruiz.

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