China’s Men’s National Volleyball Team Relegated from VNL

China's Men's National Volleyball Team Relegated from VNL

China’s Men’s national volleyball team had a disappointing performance in the preliminary phase of the Volleyball Nations League. As a result, it has been relegated from the VNL. Also, there are questions about the future of the team.

Canada defeated China in the last match of the preliminary stage. As a result, China finished the tournament at the bottom of the standings with a 2-10 record.

According to the best websites to bet on volleyball, China will participate in the Challenger Cup in Qatar from July 27 to 30. The team will qualify for the VNL next year if it wins the Challenger Cup. However, there are uncertainties about the team’s future.

Future of China’s Men’s National Volleyball Team

China's Men's National Volleyball Team Relegated from VNLWhen September rolls around, China’s attention shifts to the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Olympic qualifiers.

According to experts in sports betting in Korea, China’s national team is ranked 25th in the world. Thus, it does not qualify for the Olympics because only the top 24 teams in the global rankings are invited to participate. Also, the relegation should serve as a wake-up call for the Chinese volleyball team. They should examine their performance and return to the fundamentals.

Wu Sheng, head coach of the national team, indicated in June that it would be tough to escape from the Olympic qualifiers. If they do not make it through the qualifying tournaments, the team will have to work to improve their global ranking to compete in the Olympics. Volleyball news reporters, however, believe that nothing short of a miracle will be able to get China into the Olympic Games in Paris.

Fans were particularly vocal in their displeasure with the coach for the team’s sloppy performance in the Nations League, criticizing his substitutions, poor timing of challenge calls, and failure to respond to sudden changes in the game.

Wu has accepted full responsibility for the team’s performance. Still, it does not erase the fact that the league exposed a significant talent gap between China and the world’s best teams in every facet of the game, including serving, receiving, blocking, offense, and setup.

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