Manor Solomon Signs with Tottenham

Manor Solomon Signs with Tottenham

Israeli star Manor Solomon signed with Tottenham Hotspurs. According to football betting fans, Solomon is the only Israeli in the Premier League. Also, he played with Fulham last season. His transfer to the Hotspurs is a step up because his new team is more competitive than his previous one.

Solomon signed a five-year deal with Tottenham. According to football betting odds experts, the agreement came after his agent negotiated a lucrative deal.

Solomon became the first Israeli to score in five straight matches. According to soccer betting websites, the previous record holder was Ronny Rosenthal of Liverpool. Rosenthal scored in three games in a row.

Manor Solomon Moves to Tottenham

Manor Solomon Signs with TottenhamAfter a difficult year, he finally found success. Solomon joined Shakhtar Donetsk of the Ukrainian Premier League in 2019 after playing for Maccabi Petah Tikva. At the tender age of 20, he made history when he scored his first goal in the UEFA Champions League that season, becoming the youngest Israeli player to do so in Europe’s premier club competition.

When Russian tanks invaded Ukraine in February 2022, he immediately planned to flee the country. After 17 hours on the road, he arrived at the Polish border, where he waited in the cold for more than 10 hours before being allowed to enter Israel.

Fulham to Tottenham

Due to a FIFA clause that allows non-Ukrainian players to suspend their contracts in Ukraine temporarily, he joined Fulham FC last July on a one-year agreement. Because of his Sephardic ancestry, he was eligible for a Portuguese passport, which greatly facilitated his travel inside the European Union. Romano has said that his transfer to Tottenham is contingent upon sanctions from both Shakhtar Donetsk and FIFA.

Roman added that it is contingent on his successful completion of a routine medical examination scheduled for the following week.

Spurs, who placed seventh last season, will be a welcoming environment for the Israeli star because of the club’s longstanding Jewish fan base.

Despite their history, Tottenham said last year that it no longer supports using a derogatory slur for Jews.

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